Notes for Civil Services

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S.No Subject Download
1 History Download (150MB)
2 Art and Culture Download (136MB)
3 Ethics Download (116MB)
4 Polity Download (21MB)
5 India and its Neighbours(Not updated) Download (6MB)
6 Important Topics(Constitution,Niti Ayog,Panchayati Raj,Eco. Survey) Download (15MB)
7 Geography (Only Basics) Download (32MB)
8 Other Hand-Written Notes Download (28MB)
9 Question Banks Download (14MB)

Buy Books for Civil Services (Prelims)

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S.No Subject Buy the book
1 History
2 General Studies Paper I
3 General Studies Paper II
4 Polity
5 NCERT Text books Read Some Flipbooks online here
6 Indian Economy
7 Geography
8 Current Affairs
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Some Good books for Mains

S.No Subject Buy the book
1 Books on Culture
2 History
3 Geography
4 Economy
5 Environment
6 Mathematics Some Other Important Books
7 Public Administration
8 Sociology
9 Physics
10 Chemistry